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Sachtler System aktiv12 Touch & Go Fluid Head & Flowtech 100 Tripod with Bag

Sachtler System aktiv12 Touch & Go Fluid Head & Flowtech 100 Tripod with Bag

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Leg Spreaders
Sachtler aktiv12T Touch & Go Fluid Head with SpeedLevel & 7-Step Drag (100mm)
Enjoy creating smooth pans and tilts while being able to quickly move your video head from tripod to tripod with the Sachtler aktiv12T Touch & Go Fluid Head with SpeedLevel & 7-Step Drag. Take advantage of the innovative SpeedLevel technology to provide almost instant mounting and leveling of your camera rig on almost any Sachtler 100mm bowl tripod. The clamp and stud SpeedLevel system saves precious time leveling your camera rig by eliminating the need to screw on a tie-down knob. Designed for larger DSLRs, mirrorless, and digital cine-style cameras, the aktiv12T supports rigs weighing 0 to 30.9 lb. This fluid head features 15 steps of counterbalance and seven steps of pan and tilt drag adjustment, plus zero settings for both balance and drag.

The SpeedLevel technology replaces the traditional head screw and tie-down design with a strong clamp built into the head bowl and a stud component that clamps onto your tripod bowl or other mounting platforms, such as a slider. Simply grasp the large lever on the head and pull it up to release the clamp, then press it down to lock your head in place. Partially lifting the lever allows you to quickly and easily level the head. The integrated PrismBubble level system is pressed once to illuminate the bubble level or twice to light up both the bubble level and the drag settings, a boon when working in darker environments. The bubble level also has a built-in prism, enabling you to easily level the head when the legs are set at a maximum height or an awkward angle.

The aktiv12T fluid head is compatible with all Sachtler 100mm bowl base tripod legs, except for the HotPod

SpeedLevel Technology
Use the large integrated lever to quickly mount, level, and lock the head on your tripod or other base; lift up to release, lift partially to level, and press down to lock the head firmly in place

SpeedSwap Base
Centered around a metal stud, the SpeedSwap base clamps onto almost any Sachtler 100mm bowl tripod or to the separately available slider base; additional bases can be purchased separately to fit a second tripod, dolly, or slider

PrismBubble Level
The illuminated PrismBubble is visible from any height or angle, saving you time when leveling at higher or lower positions

30.9 lb Capacity Fluid Head
This 30.9 lb capacity fluid head is suited for larger DSLRs, mirrorless MFT cameras, and pro-style digital cine cameras Stepped Counterbalance and Drag 15 steps of counterbalance and seven steps of pan and drag plus zero settings for free spins and tilts

Touch & Go Plate
The Touch & Go platform provides quick camera mounting with 2.8" of travel for balancing your rig, and both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera screws

Sachtler flowtech 100 mm Carbon Fiber Tripod (Ground Spreader)
The Sachtler flowtech 100 Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ground Spreader eschews the common single or double carbon fiber tube design; instead it has redesigned the shape of the legs for improved torsional strength. The legs weigh 8.8 pounds, yet they can support a payload of up to 66 pounds, and extend from a minimum height of 16.9" to a maximum height of 62.6" when using the included removable ground spreader. Each leg features a single clamping lever that locks and unlocks the sections.

Each leg extends or retracts independently from the other two, and when it is detached from the spreader each leg can pivot without affecting the other legs. This is especially useful when working on rough or uneven terrain. You can remove the spreader completely and lock each leg in one of three positions, so you can work without a spreader if you wish. This enables you to spread the legs extremely wide for low shots while the tripod legs maintain their torsional stability. The dual spikes at the end of each leg provide extra grip when working on softer ground.

  • Dual-stage, carbon fiber, 100mm bowl tripod.
  • Three 3/8"-16 accessory mounting holes are integrated into the outside of the 100mm bowl.
  • The legs by themselves weigh only 8.8 pounds but support up to 66 pounds.
  • The design and construction of the legs provide tremendous torsional stability. In other words, the legs resist twisting when you pan the tripod head.
  • Each leg features a single clamping lever lock design at the top of the leg, near the 100mm bowl. This allows you to loosen all three leg sections from a single location, saving you time while reducing the wear and tear on your body as you don't have to bend down to loosen a lock at the bottom to lower or raise the legs.
  • The legs incorporate a locking mechanism that enables the legs to move freely for working with a spreader, or to lock at one of three angles when working without a spreader.
  • With the spreader, the height range is 16.9 to 62.6". However, if you remove the ground spreader and utilize the built-in locking mechanism, the usable height range is 10.2 to 60.2".

Sachtler Rotating Carry Handle for flowtech Tripods with aktiv Heads
For Sachtler flowtech users adding an aktiv head, the Rotating Carry Handle allows spreading the tripod legs fully flat without having to remove the handle. Rotating upwards, it gets completely out of the way. When used with an aktiv head, the flowtech tripod is able to lie flat, but the standard flowtech carry handle does not allow it. This rotating handle provides a solution while also allowing you to carry the tripod.
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