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Pancro IR+ND Filter

Pancro IR+ND Filter

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The Pancro IR+ND Filter is a combination of both an infrared control filter and a neutral density filter. An IR+ND is ideal for HD cameras, which have greater low-light sensitivity and, subsequently, an increased susceptibility to IR contamination. When using a standard neutral density filter to counter the increased light sensitivity afforded by the HD sensor, the effects of infrared pollution become more apparent. This filter combines the properties of an ND filter with an IR control filter to eliminate the spill of infrared light reaching the sensor while still maintaining the extra exposure benefits of a neutral density filter.

This filter offers a flat spectral curve ranging from 380nm to 2000nm. This neutrality enables Pancro ND to filter out troublesome IR wavelengths in the 800nm to 2000nm range that are frequently captured on HD cameras.

The glass itself is a single piece of non-laminated material that offers excellent flatness, minimal distortion, and durability.

Infrared control filter helps to block infrared pollution from affecting the color fidelity of imagery; this enables a wider color gamut and truer colors, especially noticeable in the darker regions of the image.

One-piece, non-laminated construction offers a high degree of flatness, minimal distortion, and durability.
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