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OConnor Geared Platform Plate Assembly c/w Screws

OConnor Geared Platform Plate Assembly c/w Screws

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The OConnor C1225-1007 Geared Platform Plate Assembly is a mounting plate that interfaces with a drive gear in the OConnor 120EX and 120EXE fluid heads for precisely balancing cameras weighing up to 240 pounds. After you mount the camera and roughly adjust the balance, you can push and turn a knob on the head to engage the drive gear and precisely adjust the balance instead of trying to push the camera back and forth on the head to balance it. The geared plate features seven threaded mounting holes and five slots for mounting a camera or other camera mounting systems. This will also work as a standard (non-geared) OConnor plate when used with OConnor 2065 and 2575 fluid heads.

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