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OConnor 60L Carbon Fiber Tripod (Mitchell)

OConnor 60L Carbon Fiber Tripod (Mitchell)

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The OConnor 60L 2-Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs with 150mm Bowl support tripod heads that have a 150mm leveling ball. The legs feature 2-stages and weigh only 9 pounds; however, they can support 209 pounds and extend from a minimum height of 22.8" to a maximum height of 60.6" when using the available mid-level spreader.

Each leg extends or retracts independently and when detached from a spreader each leg can pivot without affecting the other legs. This is especially useful when working on rough or uneven terrain. The Mitchell plate incorporates a leveling bubble, allowing you to level the legs with or without a head attached. The dual spikes at the end of each leg provide extra grip when working on soft ground and the design of the spikes also provide a solid mounting surface for the optional rubber feet/spike protectors.

The legs are designed for use with an available mid-level spreader for stability on uneven terrain. It also features OConnor's Smart Quick clamping system that provides a visible clamp lockdown. A small accessory hook under the Mitchell plate allows you to hang various available tools and items such as a walkie-talkie, tape measure, or even a foam rubber pad for shouldering the legs during camera position changes.

The legs support over 200 pounds of head and accessories, allowing you to mount a heavy-duty fluid head and accessories.
The legs feature spiked feet that provide solid purchase in soft surfaces when not using a spreader.
The independent leg spread and height adjustment allows you to use the legs on oddly shaped areas as well as steps.
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