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Exalux Control One Rental Kit

Exalux Control One Rental Kit

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EXALUX™ CONTROL ONE RENTAL is an all-in-one wireless DMX controller making it possible to remotely control the most popular DMX fixtures in a simple and intuitive way.

The unit comes with a rugged carrying case, a tripod holder, a protective glass and a Vlock socket to power the unit with a V-lock battery.

CONTROL ONE, in short:

  • 5-in-1 DMX tools,
  • 1 DMX universe,
  • 8 tact switches to save/restore memories,
  • Black out function,
  • Lock / unlock function,
  • Runs up to 7h with a 10Ah/36Wh PowerBank,
  • Fully compatible with EXALUX™ CONNECT ecosystem.

CONTROL ONE RENTAL is your ideal companion to control all your DMX devices on cinema sets.

EXALUX™ CONTROL ONE is the perfect tool for setup days when using DMX controlled elements. The unit features 5 Apps in an elegant and compact enclosure.

With CONTROL ONE, all the DMX tools you need are at your fingertips!

EXALUX™ CONTROL ONE has both hardware and touch controls that can be used simultaneously. Use the knobs and the buttons to overcome the outdoors unfriendly and cold conditions.

EXALUX™ CONTROL ONE features a small DMX recorder capable of recording sequences of 80 seconds from the DMX input. This makes it possible to record the most useful effects and play them back later on set.

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