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Exalux Connect RX100S Basic Kit

Exalux Connect RX100S Basic Kit

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EXALUX™ CONNECT RX100S is a compact wireless DMX receiver especially designed to be powered through the USB connectors of a LED panel. RX100s can also run up to 10 hours with the small PowerBank battery.
The unit is compatible with any LED fixtures thanks to the flexible «connector on cable» system.

CONNECT RX100S, in short:

  • Built-in CRMX by LumenRadio receiver,
  • 1 DMX universe
  • +5VDC power mode,
  • USB connector shield,
  • Internal antenna,
  • Neutrik™ XLR connectors, industry standard compliant.

CONNECT RX100S wireless DMX receiver is fully compliant with all CRMX by LumenRadio™ transceivers, such as CONNECT TX100N and CONTROL ONE.

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