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Astera AX10 SpotMax Battery Powered LED Light

Astera AX10 SpotMax Battery Powered LED Light

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As you would expect with an RGBAW fixture, it supports a variety of effects, including color, fire, strobe (flash), and LEE gel color matching. The fixture can be controlled via wireless DMX (supports LumenRadio) as well as via the AsteraApp, or an optional IR remote. The light features a foldable bracket that can serve as a stand and can be used as a carry handle. The bracket features a W 1/2" threaded hole, which can accept an optional Super Bolt for mounting.

Remote Control
The AX10 can be controlled remotely with an optional ARC1 IR remote controller, or by the AsteraApp for iOS or Android via Bluetooth (requires optional AsteraBox) as well as wireless DMX. For wireless DMX, the fixture is compatible with all LumenRadio CRMX transmitters as well as W-DMX, G2, G3, G4, and G4S transmitters (G4 and G4S is only supported in 2.4 GHz mode). You can also use an Astera ART3 Wireless DMX Transmitter to send DMX in the UHF frequency band, although CRMX is the recommended method.

Status Screen
An integrated status screen displays the fixture's settings and allows you to navigate the menu system for local control or for use with remotes.

Solid (static) Color
Color Fade
Color Chase
Running Lights
Fire Effect
Rainbow Effect
Lee Gel Effects

Flicker Control
The fixture uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for dimming, and it has a default refresh rate of 599.4 Hz. The PWM rate is adjustable between 200 and 1205 Hz to match different shooting frame rates.
You can charge the AX10 using an optional powerCON AC cable or a charging case. Please note the fixture is designed to be charged when it is powered down

Shipping Mode
The AX10 is set to a special shipping mode that allows it to be stored for a long time without damaging the battery. When using an AX10 for the first time, connect it to an AC power for a few seconds to exit the shipping mode.
The fixture sports a native 13° beam spread. The included FLOOD filter mounts on the front and spreads the beam out to 32°, while the included WALLWASH filter will project a beam with a 17° by 46° beam angle.
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