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Astera 8-Light AX3 LightDrop LED Kit w/ Charging Case & Accessories

Astera 8-Light AX3 LightDrop LED Kit w/ Charging Case & Accessories

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Astera Ax3 LightDrop Battery-Powered LED (15W) is an ultra-compact, yet powerful Battery-Powered LED from Astra is a highly advanced wireless LED spotlight for event lighting, with a 15W RGB LED that makes it possible to reproduce millions of colors with a high degree of accuracy, and control brightness seamlessly. The LightDrop can be controlled using wireless DMX protocols, infrared remote, or by using the downloadable AsteraApp for mobile devices. Using the app, it is possible to calculate a representation for any CIE color, use a variety of pre-programmed lighting effects, or even create your own effects.

The LightDrop can be attached to walls, ceilings, and lighting rigs using the included mounting accessories, or simply attached to metal objects with its built-in magnetic base. The included 30- and 120-degree diffusion filters allow the beam spread to be increased and softened for a variety of looks. The integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides a runtime of 5 to 20 hours and is user-replaceable.

Wireless DMX, Wi-Fi, and Infrared Remote Operation CRMX wireless operation is available with the ART3 transmitter. Optionally, CRMX Wireless DMX from Lumen Radio may be used, and W-DMX protocols are supported. The free AsteraApp can be downloaded to a portable device for Wi-Fi control, and the seperately available ARC1 infrared remote may also be used.

Indoor/Outdoor Use
With an environmental rating of IP65, the LightDrop can be used almost anywhere, from offices and stages to outdoor locations.

Multiple Programmed Effects
Static colors
Color fade
Flow fet
Running lights

Astera AX3 Charging Case (Black)
Store, transport, protect, and charge up to eight AX3 fixtures at once in this black Astera Charging Case. The case features an interior with foam and divider, a top handle, and a latch closure.

The AX3 Charging Case has improved charging, an accessories compartment, and dual-fan cooling. Charges eight AX3 at the same time from one 110-220V socket.
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