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SmokeGENIE Professional Kit

SmokeGENIE Professional Kit

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  • 1x SmokeGENIE Handheld Smoke Device
  • 1x Wireless Remote
  • 1x Silicone Extension Tube (30cm)
  • 2x Atomizing Smoke Chambers
  • 1x 60ml of Smoke formula
  • 1x Cinematic Haze Fan Adapter
  • 1x set of Precision Smoke-Shaping Nozzles (4pcs)
  • 1x Liquid Smoke Nozzle
  • 1x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1x 1/4" mount adapter
  • 1x Protective Hard Case
****BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED**** This package requires 3x 18650 Li-ion batteries (2x for SmokeGENIE and 1x for Haze Adapter) and 1x 23A,12V battery (for the remote) Haze Fan Adapter.
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